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Best NFL Sunday Tailgate Party at Pepperoni’s Tavern in Alpharetta

Pepperoni’s Tavern announces today: “We will be holding tailgate parties every single Sunday at our newly remodeled and refurbished restaurant in Alpharetta, Ga.”

The hardwood floors have been refinished and are gleaming – awaiting you and your guests to enjoy another great season of Football. We’ll be tailgating every single Sunday and we’d love to host you and yours.  Don’t worry about having everyone fit into one place, or if you’ve prepared enough food. We can handle everything.”

NFL Sunday Tailgate Party at Pepperoni’s Tavern offers amazing food choices

Do NOT wait for game time to get your party started. It’s not necessary, we’re in Football mode all day Sunday here at Pepperoni’s Tavern in Alpharetta. The parties start on Sept. 12, 2021 and continue until Sunday Jan. 9, 2022. It will be a Valentine of a Super Bowl on the 13th of February. We hope you join us for every single game. 

Arrive early and dine on a sumptuous steak, lemon rosemary salmon, or dry-rubbed chops. We have a huge array of entrees, as well as pizzas with all your favorite toppings. Our salads are well known, and are a great side to any meal. Our signature is the Martha’s Vineyard – featuring baby greens, crumbled bleu cheese, roasted pine nuts , red onions and a House strawberry vinaigrette. 

Start off with Mama Lombardi’s BBQ meatballs, bruschetta, Phil’s Chips, Pep’s nachos or any of our other delicious appetizers. 

But save room for dessert. We make a mean tiramisu, an amazing cheesecake, carrot cake and zeppole, just to name a few!  

Enjoy the game and don’t worry about cooking, cleaning or serving. We’ll be doing it every single Sunday. You are cordially invited. 

ABOUT NFL Sunday Tailgate Party at Pepperoni’s Tavern CALENDAR

We’re happy to have the ability to gather together and watch sports. We’re so excited to host you. Below is a link to all the teams planning to play this season, and the game times. Please party with us, bring your friends, bring your family, bring your pups. 

Our patio was also recently refurbished and it’s dog friendly. See you Sunday!  


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Best Business Lunch in Alpharetta GA

Best Business Lunch in Alpharetta GA Best NFL Sunday Tailgate Party at Pepperoni’s Tavern in Alpharetta Pepperoni’s Tavern announces today: “We will be holding tailgate parties every single Sunday at our newly remodeled and refurbished

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